Rara as a Form of Carnival Media



The whole lakou breaks out in banboch (couples dancing) as the Rara band plays. A sweet moment, everybody is enjoying themselves.


Musicians in an Artibonite Rara walking. You can see the waves of music pass by.


Rara in Leogane. See how big the crowd is! There are thousands in this town who come to Leogane especially for Rara week, sometimes from the US and beyond.


Rara band performs “Shario Pye,” or without instruments.


Composite of an Artibonite Rara on the roadside. Here the queens blow the whistle, directing the action, while the colonel whips the crossroads to activate the spirits.


A Rara majo jon twirls his machete to perform for our crew. In the end, the idea is to solicit contributions through such a spectacular performance!


In this Rara in the mountains above Petionville, you can see a young Queen and two Kings dance the mazoun.