The Music and Dance of Rara Media




Women’s dance solos. Each dancer improvises her own solo; these are dances energetic young people might do in Carnival or Rara.


In this Rara in the mountains above Petionville, you can see a young Queen and two Kings dance the mazoun.


Rara Ya Seizi in the Artibonite has a jam session in the morning before they set out to play. They’re really grooving here!


RAM Rara show, in the mid 1990s. The troupe RAM gives a folkloric performance of Rara; here is their entrance onto the stage.


The RAM dance troupe develops a choreography reminiscent of the French minuets of the colonial era.


Rara dance footwork. RAM dancers do the mazoun, the fancy footwork that is the dance of Rara royalty.


Rara king and queen dance the mazoun together; see the footwork.


Rara konet players’ fancy footwork. Really good horn players in a Rara will develop steps to along with their playing. You better believe this takes a lot of air and a good pair of lungs!


Men’s dance solos. These two have a great routine going.